What Watch Does Walter White Wear?

What Watch Does Walter White Wear

The man goes by either Walter or Heisenberg. Whatever you choose to call him. You would be GODDAMN RIGHT! He’s one of the most iconic television antiheroes in this twenty-first century. This school chemistry teacher turned drug lord has captured people’s hearts and minds through his charms. So naturally, fans would want to know what … Read more

What Watch Does Eminem Wear?

If you are reading this article then it’s a no-brainer that you are already familiar with this G.O.A.T. But if you don’t. Marshall Mathers III aka Eminem is a legendary rapper and musician from Detroit, Michigan. He has sold multiple platinum records and made chartbusters. If you are over the age of 25, you have … Read more

What Watch Does Jeremy Clarkson Wear?

Jeremy Clarkson is adored by most people and frowned upon by some. He has created this disparity in people’s opinions of him. He is a Top Gear icon and a reactionary feed journalist. Whatever you stand for. One thing is for certain he has lived an interesting life and the choice of watches shows that. … Read more

What Watch Does Tiger Woods Wear?

When you think about legendary golfers, I’m sure your brain will instantly think of Mr. Woods. Tiger Woods.  He is THE GOAT when it comes to golf sports. The man was 21 years old when he won the US Masters at Augusta. His scores were immaculate, to say the least. He had also won all … Read more

What Watch Does Jocko Willink Wear? 

John Gretton aka Jocko Willink is a retired navy SEALS, who was a part of Team 3 of the United States Navy. He is now an author, podcaster, and prominent public figure.  Man’s an icon and a true American hero whose leadership skills, disciplined lifestyle, and power of persuasion have changed so many people’s lives … Read more

What Watch Does Dexter Wear?

Ah yes! Dexter Morgan. Our favorite serial killer of primetime television. This man lives a double life of forensic blood splatter analyst by day and a completely fledge serial killer by night.  So it is only fair that such a busy guy like him will wear a watch that is as exciting as his daily … Read more

What Watch Does Gibbs Wear?

If you have been a fan of NCIS. I’m almost sure the Leroy Gibbs (aka Mark Harmon) watch has caught your eye.  The character has been around since early 2000 when the show first aired.  Gibbs is a super-experienced agent who has been with NCIS for many decades. He always wears some sort of expensive … Read more

3 Best Watches Like Hamilton Intra Matic

Why do you buy a watch?  Is it because it tells the time? Or does it look nice on your wrist?  Maybe you are a watch collector and think of them as investment assets.  Well, whatever your case is, we all can agree that watches indicate a status. If you wear a nice expensive watch,  … Read more