What Watch Does Dexter Wear?

Ah yes! Dexter Morgan.

Our favorite serial killer of primetime television. This man lives a double life of forensic blood splatter analyst by day and a completely fledge serial killer by night.

So it is only fair that such a busy guy like him will wear a watch that is as exciting as his daily life.

But you will be surprised that the watch he wears is not something out of inspector gadget’s creation but a simple watch that is classy yet sophisticated, just like his character.

So enough of keeping you waiting. And let’s learn more about the watch.

What Watch Does Dexter Wear?

If you closely look at his wrist on various different episodes, you will see that he is wearing a “1970s Timex watch with Speidel twist o flex band.”

Now the time period of this watch spans from 1970 to 1974. And the watch has many different renderings. Such as a day or calendar dial.

But the one Dexter is using has no calendar dial, and the watch has a silver case with a domed crystal on top. The watch uses a standard type ‘A’  battery.

Now let’s explore a little bit more about What Watch Dexter Wear.

01# The Timex 1970’s Electronic Watch

Best Features:

  • Automatic movement
  • Twist o flex watch band
  • Self-adjusting ends
  • You can even hear the ticks of the dial

The Timex 1970’s Electronic wristwatch is a vintage piece that is very rare to find. You must go to a watch collector to find this particular watch. Most of the e-bay entries for this watch are sold out.

Amazon also has nothing to offer. But don’t be discouraged; even Dexter has thrift this watch as an homage to his father and the early days of his childhood.

This Timex electronic watch has a cross-hair black dial, and the base is made with stainless steel back. It’s also water resistant. (Very useful when butchering people and dealing with blood).

An excellent watch for running and keeping track of time.

Now his preference for watches has changed throughout the seasons. So fans noticed that he used the Waltham Watch in a few episodes, which were produced in the 60s. This man appreciates vintage watches as you can see.

Other watches Dexter Morgan might enjoy:

Dexter is a simple man, and he appreciates his watch with a vintage quality that simply tells the time.  So I thought, how about recommending to him and you (the reader) a few watches that have similar features as The Timex 1970’s Electronic Watch.

#01 Timex Easy Reader 38 mm

The Timex Easy Reader 38mm is one of the best watches that Dexter might love too much. Let’s see the best features of this watch.

Best Features: 

  • Genuine brown leather with reddish accents.
  • Date window at 3 o’clock.
  • Easy-to-read black dial.
  • Sweat-proof and withstands minor water splashes.

This is a very timely watch that I think Dexter would appreciate. 

The design is a direct descent from the 1960s televised test survivors of various tests (very on brand with Dexter’s nightly chores). It’s durable and can we withstand any scratches and corrosions. 

02# Amritron Men’s Date Function

Best Features: 

  • Crystal lens with minerals
  • Dark brown leather strap
  • Water-resistant
  • Matt black dial with date window

Even though it’s a Chinese watch, it’s utilitarian, functional, and looks good. You can use this watch as a backup to your regular watch. It is elementary so you can use this watch as an accessory to your unique go-out looks.

They make watches for both men and women. Also, this watch, in particular, is a unisex design so you can give this to your partner on their Birthday,  Valentine’s Day, and even anniversary’s. If you like this Armitron Men’s Date Function Leather Strap Watch, you can check detail feature from Amazon.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this What Watch Does Dexter Wear? article as enjoyable as I had fun researching these wristwatches. It’s so amazing to see what the costume department picks out for certain characters that his/her personality should opt for only this type of accessory over the other.  

What other television character accessories should I review next?  let me know in the comments below.

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