What Watch Does Eminem Wear?

If you are reading this article then it’s a no-brainer that you are already familiar with this G.O.A.T. But if you don’t.

Marshall Mathers III aka Eminem is a legendary rapper and musician from Detroit, Michigan. He has sold multiple platinum records and made chartbusters. If you are over the age of 25, you have grown up listening to his music and singing along to his verses.

The man has been in the music game for over two decades now. So there is nothing shady about Em’s possessions. Man’s not like other rappers who have everything iced out.

Em likes to be pragmatic and functional.

Below I have talked about some of the watches Eminem wears.  Give it a read now.

What Watch Does Eminem Wear?

Among all the amazing watches Eminem has, the ones I’m going to mention are what Em uses the most. They are Casio G-Shock, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and Rolexes.

Depending on the event he would opt for either a casual watch like Casio or go big with classic and exclusive Rolex Watches.

Marshall’s first debut album in 1996 named ‘Infinite’ launched his career as a mainstream artist from an underground rapper status. His next chart-busting EP titled “The Slim Shady” made everyone aware of his ability to rap insanely.

Dr.Dre is a mentor and got him a place at Aftermath Entertainment. Em went on to win Grammy Award for best rap album in 1999.

Now let’s discuss some more about the above three watches.

01# Casio G-Shock

Eminem has had a humble beginning. Casio is truly a brand of watches anyone can own. From the Casio G-Shock line, he has two favorites. The first one is CASIO GA120 A7A. We have seen Eminem wearing this watch in his music video named ‘Headlights’. The watch only cost 95$.

Another G-Shock watch He wears is Casio DW6900NB7. Eminem was seen wearing this watch in a video in collaboration with Dr. Drake called ‘I need a doctor. It is a large watch face with a 50 mm case and 200 m of water resistance power.

Recently we have seen Eminem wear a watch that was in collaboration with them back in 2013 on their 13th anniversary of G-Shock. It was a limited edition watch that had a black case dial with Eminem sitting on a Detroit skyline.

02# Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (Collector’s item)

Next on the list. I’ve decided to include the most expensive watch that is in Eminem’s possession. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is an exquisite piece of watch that has a perpetual calendar. The retail value of this watch starts at $115,000.

It’s a 39 mm pink rose gold case. It is powered by a 38-jewel caliber. It is a collector’s watch and there are only a few instances where we have seen Eminem wear this watch.

As we already know our slim shady is a very down-to-earth person so he is not the one to flaunt his expensive watch as frequently as most other rap artists. It’s one of his heart-hitting timepieces that has a skeleton dial feature.

03# Rolex Watches

What is there to say about Rolex watches? For anyone who has a decent amount of money in the bank account whether you are a male or female, the first Target is to get a Rolex watch. Our boy Em is no different.

There is a funny interview of Eminem with Anderson Cooper, where he tells a story of the first time had wanted to purchase a Rolex watch and called his manager to green light him. When Cooper asked why he doesn’t wear his Rolexes frequently. Em replied saying he doesn’t want scratches on them.

He doesn’t like spending his money on mindless expensive items. He is very humble and wants a simple life for himself and his children. All the money he makes either goes to charities or into the account for his daughter’s future.

Final Thoughts

Slim Shady has sold 100+ million records universally. He is talented and a living legend in the world of hip-hop and the world of pop music in general. All the watches we have seen today can be worn with any outfit. He’s a down-to-earth man with a practical drip game.

I hope you found ‘What Watch Does Eminem Wear’ enjoyable. Did I forget to mention any of his more notable watches? Let me down below!!

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