What Watch Does Jeremy Clarkson Wear?

Jeremy Clarkson is adored by most people and frowned upon by some. He has created this disparity in people’s opinions of him. He is a Top Gear icon and a reactionary feed journalist.

Whatever you stand for. One thing is for certain he has lived an interesting life and the choice of watches shows that. At the age of 62. This man has achieved so many things in his life as far as a TV show host goes.

If you’re interested in learning what watch does Jeremy Clarkson wear? Then you’re in the right place because in today’s article we will be going over all the watches we have seen him wear throughout his career.

And if you don’t want to know, and to that, I say “Oh no, Anyway”. Let’s begin our list!

What Watch Does Jeremy Clarkson Wear?

Over the years of his appearance in the show Top Gear. Jeremy has worn all types of watches. Some are high-end,a few are classic, and others are vintage.  Thanks to the Instagram page @grandtourwatches we know all the watches he has worn throughout the years.

 Jeremy Clarkson has worn Bremont Alt1-C/PW, Seiko 5 SNXF01K (Magnolia), U Boat Classico Chrono, OMEGA Seamaster Chrono Clock Digital, and Omega Dynamic (Vintage) just to name a few.

Top 4 Watches That Jeremy Clarkson Wear

Now let’s learn a little more about each of those watches.

01# Bremont Alt1-C/PW


  • Handbuilt in the United Kingdom
  • Ultra premium material
  • High-quality crystal
  • Durable

This wristwatch is classically designed to form its iconic ALT1-C shape. The manufacturers took great inspection from its Victory Limited Edition watch, which became their best seller back in 2012.

The watch has tremendous durability and water-resistant coatings, so you can wear this while you are engaged in demanding physical activities. The beautifully polished steel watch case that is scratch-resistant even under high impact. A special coating is used to give the watch its longevity.

02# Seiko 5 SNXF01K (Magnolia)

(Not the exact watch available for purchase)

 Alternative: Seiko SRPD65 Seiko 5 Sports Men’s Watch

 Original Features:

  • Stainless steel case
  • Scratch resistant crystal
  • Automatic with luminous hands
  • Vintage/Collector’s item

Seiko, as you all know, is a master craftsman that makes amazing and timeless watches. This watch, in particular, you can don every day. It’s meant for wearing 24/7 day or night, hot or cold. This wristwatch’s rugged build makes it a nice masculine watch.

The magnolia version that Clarkson wears, is now a vintage piece that you cannot buy at the store. Look for a private listing on eBay or similar websites.  Overall it’s a suitable watch for both business and lounging around. You can buy the SEIKO SRPD65 5 Sports Men’s Watch Gunmetal 42.5mm Stainless Steel from Amazon.

03# U-Boat Classico Chrono

(Not the exact watch available for purchase)

Alternative: U-boat Classico Men’s Analog Swiss Automatic Watch (You can buy it from Amazon)

Original Features:

  • Fine quality leather belt
  • Date and chronograph
  • Vintage piece
  • Beige dial display

Consider yourself lucky if you could get your hands on this watch. U-Boat has discontinued making this watch. It is a shame because this watch has eye-catching features. The beige display gives this watch a rusty yet classic feel you would see your father wear.

It’s a chronograph watch that has the hour, and second hands. With a date window right below the 9’o o’clock hour. The leather straps are not vegan but they shouldn’t be a problem as they have stopped making them and opted for more sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

04# OMEGA Seamaster Chrono Clock Digital

(Not the exact watch available for purchase)

Alternative: Omega Men’s 2225.80 Seamaster (You can check the current price on Amazon).

 Original Features:

  • 1967 collection
  • Luminous dial with sustainable metal
  • Widescreen
  • 30-meter water resistant
  • Multifunctional quartz electronic

 This Omega watch in particular was the world’s first analog + digital wristwatch. Back in 1976, this watch was unraveled to the world in the Monreal Olympic Games. The design and engineering that took to make this watch were praiseworthy. Considering the time period

Each of the motors and the dial work independently but run on the same quartz resonator.

It’s the first watch of its kind. And perhaps the most successful and cool-looking retro watch to ever exist.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. These are watches Jeremy Clarkson wears. He has worn both luxury and regular watches that give off very rich gentlemen vibes. He wears lots of European-made watches, which fits the bill of him being a British celebrity.

Which wristwatch did you like the most? And did I miss any of his watches? Sound down in the comment box below!

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