What Watch Does Walter White Wear?

The man goes by either Walter or Heisenberg. Whatever you choose to call him. You would be GODDAMN RIGHT!

He’s one of the most iconic television antiheroes in this twenty-first century. This school chemistry teacher turned drug lord has captured people’s hearts and minds through his charms.

So naturally, fans would want to know what type of watches he wears while he does his soulless kingpin duties.

Today I will be telling you all the watches Walter White has worn throughout the show, and recommend some similar watches that you could add to your daily essentials.

Load your trailer truck, and let’s take a long ride!

What Watch Does Walter White Wear?

Walter White was seen wearing two different watches. One is Casio CA 53W. Another is Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph.

If you know anything about watches, you would quickly notice that the above two watchers are the polar opposite of each other. Casio is synonymous with nerds, geeks, and old-schooled, while Tag Heuer is a more mature type of watch brand.

Now let’s break down all the details of these two watches.

01# Casio CA 53W


  • Mineral quartz crystal
  • Black resin band
  • Water resistant upto 165ft
  • Digital calculator/alarm/calculator

Imagine a watch your 8th-grade chemistry teacher would use that also has a built-in calculator. That is exactly what the Casio CA 53W looks like.  A calculator + watch hybrid not only makes your life easier when struggling to find the amount you should tip your server but also solve small mathematical problems that are stuck in your mind for some reason.

It’s a perfect dorky watch that any nerd will appreciate. And considering the type of person, Walter White was because of his cancer. He probably would’ve been stocked seeing this watch for the first time.

02# Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph

One of the most prestigious Walt’s timepiece is Tage Heuer Monaco Chronograph. Yes, and that is not Tag Heuer Monaco Caliber 12 worn by Walter. Walter feel good by wearing the watch.


  • Swiss made
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Water resistant up to 330ft
  • Deployment buckle made with leather

I call this Walter’s Heisenberg-era watch. In season 5. Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) gave this watch to Walter for his birthday. The same type of watch was worn by actor Steve McQueen in 1971.

This exact watch was sold at an auction in 2012 for around $80,000. It’s a one-of-a-kind watch that was the first to be an automatic chronograph watch of its kind. The value of the watch will only increase as it was worn by Television’s most beloved character.

The Correlating Significance Between the Walter White and his Watch:

Walter White is not like your typical good guy turned bad character. The complexity of his personality unfolds over the span of 5 seasons. Here we have a person who is a lovable husband and responsible father and a good chemistry teacher that loves to teach.

So the choice of the watch (Casio CA 53W) goes perfectly with his life choices and the type of values he believes in and represents. On the other hand, we have the polar opposite, the drug lord persona that could never wear that dorky timepiece.

Even if it’s a gift. The Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph represents a certain man that is self-assured, intimidating, and knows his way. The watches signify a dynamic range of a man and his capabilities once he is pushed to an edge.

This is a great tool of character design to let the audience in on the progression of a character. Yes it’s very subtle and an average view might not even see it. But once they do. It becomes apparent that even a minor detail can change the trajectory of a character completely.


Q: What watch does Bryan Cranston wear?
A: Bryan Cranston is an iconic actor who has appeared in a number of films and television shows. He’s also well-known for his impeccable style, which includes a range of watches that he wears in both his daily life and on the red carpet. His go-to watch is an Casio CA 53W and Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph.

Q: Why did Walt get rid of Jesse’s watch?
A: Walt got rid of Jesse’s watch for a few reasons. Firstly, it was a parting gift from Jane. And kept reminding him of her tragic death. Secondly, it symbolized how closely linked the two former meth partners were. That something Walt wanted to forget as he tried to move on with his life. Finally, it showed that Jesse was not just an employee. But someone who had been close to Walt and whom he had cared about deeply. By getting rid of the watch, Walt was able to distance himself from all these feelings. Instead that, focus on new goals and relationships. It might have been a cruel choice. But ultimately Walt believed this was for the best.

Q: What watch does Walt get from Jesse?
A: Walt was gifted a watch from his partner, Jesse. It was a gesture of appreciation and respect for all the hard work they had put into their business together. The watch was an expensive Rolex Submariner. It was chrome with a black face and red accents on the bezel, dial, and hands. So, it had a quartz movement, diver’s extension clasp, and date display at 3 o’clock position too. The most noticeable feature about this watch is its iconic luminescent dot hour markers with green “Mercedes” hands.

Q: What does the watch symbolize in Breaking Bad?
A: So, in Breaking Bad, the watch symbolizes Walter White’s journey. It was a gift from his father, given to him as a reminder of the hard work it took to get where he is today. Throughout the series, we see Walter white wearing this same watch as a reminder that despite all of the chaos and carnage surrounding him. He still had something positive in his life. His family and his dedication to honor the sacrifices they made for him.

It also serves as a reminder of how far he has come. So, how much further he can go if he continues to push himself. The watch symbolizes Walter White’s strength, courage, and determination to make things right. No matter what it takes. As well as being an important piece of symbolism in Breaking Bad. It is also an indication of Walter White’s inner-strength. As well as will power despite all of the obstacles in his path too.

Final Thoughts

As recognizable and adorned of a character as Walter White is, his watch game is pretty low-key. He can’t be wearing a flashy watch as he needs to be as mundane as in his previous life so nobody would suspect his real identity.

Which is a fantastic choice from the wardrobe department of the show. So, which watch does Walter White wear, surprised you the most? Would you buy anyone of them? Let your thoughts be known in the comments!

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