What Watch Does Gibbs Wear?

If you have been a fan of NCIS. I’m almost sure the Leroy Gibbs (aka Mark Harmon) watch has caught your eye.

The character has been around since early 2000 when the show first aired.

Gibbs is a super-experienced agent who has been with NCIS for many decades. He always wears some sort of expensive watch on his right wrist.

Now the watch may change depending on the progression of the seasons and episodes. But there are only two notable watches that Gibbs frequently wears.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into those watches.

What Watches Does Gibbs Wear?

The most iconic watch Gibbs has worn frequently was the Rolex Submariner (Reference 16610). A striking color coordination of the Silver body with Orange bezels makes this watch modern yet classy.

Another watch he frequently dawn’s on is the Omega Seamaster. This is an iconic watch that many different iconic characters in movies for generations have won.

Now let’s go over each watch and learn what makes them unique.

01# Rolex Submariner Diver 300

Special Features:

  • A divers expensive choice
  • Automatic movement
  • 904L steel used (surgical grade)
  • A strong build material

In many episodes, Gibbs is seen wearing the Rolex Submariner Diver 300 watch. This one was first introduced in 1953. Then after a few revisions of the materials, the one that is available in the market right now is the 1990s model.

We don’t understand his fondness for the diver’s watch specifically. Maybe he likes the look of it.

The Rolex’s new model offers increased protection against water damage and rusting. The Crystal dome face of the clock gives better visibility underwater, and the dial is much bigger, so it is easier to see. (No pun intended).

Well, obviously, Gibbs has not needed to go underwater to catch a criminal, but perhaps he is waiting for such a day. So he and his lovely watch will be ready.

02# Omega Seamaster

Special Features:

  • Wave pattern with ceramic black dial
  • White enamel scale in dive
  • Helium escape spot at the edge of the case
  • Anti-magnetic and Self-winding automatic movement
  • COSC chronometer certified

This Swiss-made luxury watch comes in a stainless steel case and bracelet. I’m sure you’ve already guessed that this is a watch for divers, so of course, the watch will be water resistant, which is up to 1000 feet. The watch comes in different styles.

A character like Gibbs is particularly for divers watch. Because of how amazing it must have looked to him. The Seamaster professional aromatic co-axial chronometer model Gibbs wears has an automatic movement. So no battery is needed to power it on.

The watch is pretty and functional.

Other Watch Recommendations to Make You Feel Like Gibbs

Okay, you may think that I have gone crazy recommending you this watch. But the fans noticed that Gibbs, in the early episodes, wore this watch. It is not a watch of his usual choice.

Maybe the costume department has given him this watch to preserve the value of those above mention watches.

The watch in question is the Ironman Triathlon by Timex.

Best Features: 

  • 100-hour chronograph with up to 30 lap memory
  • Day, month, and date calendar
  • Prompts are easier to set thanks to on-screen accessibility
  • Water resistant, so suitble for swimming
  • The dial lights up at night/ dark ambiance

This is no question athletes watch. A runner, swimmer, and other spot players with enjoy this watch. It’s not a watch for the divers, which is an exciting thing considering all Gibbs watches are made explicitly for diving/divers.

Final Thoughts

As lovable and iconic Gibbs is. His work and dedication to the department match the severe nature of the watches he wears on the show. Yes, watches are super expensive for regular blokes like us. But you cannot deny that a person’s true personality shines through his choice of wrist-wear.

I hope you liked today’s article What Watches Does Gibbs Wear? Let me know what you think about it in the comment box below.

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